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Food Truck Invasion Meetup
at Quiet Waters

Organized by Trail Rated Events, the Jeep Meetup at the Quiet Waters Food Truck Invasion is a great opportunity to grab a unique culinary creation and check out some unique Jeep creations. Organizers have conveniently carved out a spot up front right next to the food trucks, reserved just for Jeeps!

Meetups are great a way to check out the tricked out, get an issue all figured out, and to find out when a trail ride is setting out.

Click here for the Motive Image photo album for this event

Tap Shack – Jeep Meetup

Jeep Off Road Adventures dropped in on the Tap Shack meet up with the guys from Jeeps Gone Wild. As the lot cleared out by night’s end, some of the night owls got a little practice with wheel climbing.

An XJ (Cherokee) rests its front driver side tire on a built up TJ fitted out for rock cawling. A cool trick on its own but made a lot harder as the XJ has the smaller tires and stiffer suspension. Nicely done!

If you have a spare hour or two on a Thursday night, come on out and get an eye full of their’s and everyone else’s rigs. Stay a little late and watch it get a little edgy.

To see some of their off road exploits and find out where the next meetup is click the Jeeps Gone Wild logo below to their facebook page.