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Massey Swamp Runner II Build

Notch out another solid dealer build for Wicked Trails 4×4 in their recently completed JKU Swamp Runner for Massey Yardley, of Plantation FL.

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The setup boasts tough looks and good ground clearance through a two and a half inch Rough Country lift stacked on top of a set of 35 inch Terrain Master M/T tires from AMP.   The package yields a respectable 3.5″ lift total over stock.

Dressing up the tires  and adding a rugged and wider off-road stance is a slick set of Mayhem Hammer rims (18×9) with 4.50″ back spacing.   To keep Swamp Runner from bogging down on bigger tires, the vehicle  came with the factory tow package giving this Wrangler the more torquey 3.73 running gears.

The upgrade was built on a kit that sourced quality parts.

General agreement in the industry is 2.5″ is an ideal height for a moderate JK/JKU lift.  It keeps suspension concerns manageable and avoids a lot of invasive rework such as a front drive shaft replacement or exhaust relocation.  In short it’s easier to keep the factory feel of ride and keep the factory warranty with a 2.5″. 

With core objectives achieved, the build team added Rigid off-road LED lights for lots of bright lumens on a trickle of current and set of beefy all metal hood latches to round out Swamp Runner’s  tough looks.

The result, a sharp vehicle with unmistakable trail aggressive looks and capabilities with little sacrificed to street handling.

Jeep Gone Country Weekend

Word of a new off-road course drew in hundreds of Jeeps to Gone Country Weekend at Redneck Yacht Club. Jeepers from all over South Florida decended on RYC in Punta Gorda to test rig and skill against the massive and daunting obstacles that until five weeks prior were a quiet corner of pasture land.

Two very strong course were developed, rated moderate and extreme turned out to be rated a bit shy of their real character. The moderate course while passable on 35″s offered some very serious challenges in climbs and crawls while the extreme course was just down right hellishly brutal.

Of course with entrance, the whole of RYC was available to play in. This included wooded trails and and of course all the mud you and your Jeep can endure. For anyone looking to stay over the weekend the park offers both field and wooded camp grounds (depending on whether you’re that rough it out or RV person).

For those looking for free wheeling and trails RYC opened the wooded back 40.