DIY Projects – Prep Work Is Key

Tips to Make DIY Work a Little More Enjoyable

For DIY projects, satisfaction and frustration sit at opposite ends of the scale. Satisfaction comes with learning new things, mastering skills and knowing that you saved a bundle of money perhaps for your next upgrades. Frustration comes from being stimied by the all the difficulties encountered in the work, many of which are avoidable.


Win the game before ever taking the field. Determine what’s needed to complete the job. While it may not be possible to “know” everything about the work, a genuine effort should be made to establish, what’s needed in the way of materials, effort and time.

  • Identify & Source All Needed Parts for the Job

  • Nothing wastes time and kills momentum like having to make a part run in the middle of the job. Then kick up the aggravation level a notch when it’s discovered the part doesn’t fit. Sourcing everything ahead of time will allow for more thoughtful selections, better product and certainly offer better value options (read that as savings to fund more upgrades).

  • Make Sure the Appropriate Tools are Available for the Work

  • Missing a needed tool? Work stops until available and in the haste, maybe the wrong tool will be purchased or better options overlooked. This might also be a good time to consider if the job could use another hand.

    Some jobs can benefit from extra help. Not only can it go quicker but experience can help with “know-how”

  • Estimate the Time Needed & Schedule the Work Accordingly

  • It’ critical to know what’s a quick afternoon job from a whole weekend killer. Making the determination late Sunday afternoon with Jeep up on jack stands and major components removed is a disaster. In sourcing parts, kits often come with time estimates. These are for mechanics; double them.

    Ready to hit the driveway. Looking to make the work more pleasant Read On.
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