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No Further Wednesday Meet Ups Planned for the Oar House

Sometimes the trail comes to an end sooner than expected but the ride is always remembered fondly and well storied. The same can be said for the Oar House which closed last week. In the time that we held meet and greets there, the establishment saw a continuous series of full meet nights with great people bring their Jeeps, sharing wonderful stories, planning rides and making new friends.

I’m grateful for all the effort Debbie put into making the Wednesday nights so enjoyable, making the restaurant available to us and for all the people who took time to come out and make the evenings lively. It was a great experience and I met a lot of new people, enjoyed their company and learned a great deal.

A Quick Recovery in West Dade

Joined in a recovery party just the other evening with four other rigs to pull a disabled Land Cruiser out of the Everglades.  Not a runt among the pullers  and good thing because the the stuck was a massive Toyota FJ-62.  It was far back in deep mud, buried to the floor pans, abandoned the night before after the driver shattered the passenger side U-joint and axle yokes. Suffice to say that Yota was pretty darn stuck.

Looking at the ground around us (what little of the solid variety there was), I got to thinking how easy we could all wind up in the same serious trouble… or worse (yah there’s always that). Fortunately this  was experienced bunch. They settled on an effective pull plan after one or two test tugs.  They kept from tearing up the ground around them and always had a way out for all the oh-shucks situations that always arise.

Long story short, got the FJ out, dragged it back to the road and we’re all owed a beer or two.

To see what these guys did right check out….

Five Tips for Mud Recoveries

43rd Annual Miami Intl Autoshow

The 43rd Annual Miami International Auto Show has left town. While it was here, it was the best way to see just about every consumer model available under one roof, and at that subjected to the brutality of the general public and the pawing admiration of their kids.

The new 2014 Corvette. Breaking with tradition, tail lights are not round… the YJ of Vettes (maybe not but I know you were think that.)

While the sport-ute and crossover market continues to grow, performance autos like the Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge Viper and Shelby Mustangs enjoy massive popularity reliably drawing crowds.

Under the hood: If the V8 GT isn’t enough Ford has a massive super charged Mustang sure to satisfy your inner gear nut and speed freak alike.

But arguably the most popular and certain most unique feature of the show was Jeep’s capabilities ride. Attendees queued up in lengthy lines to see and experience for themselves what we Jeep owners have know for a very long time, that Jeeps are the most capable, sure footed and best handling vehicles for the money regardless if it’s a luxury SUV, crossover or full blown Wrangler.

Jeep’s new for 2014, Cherokee Crossover makes the 35 degree climb with four passengers, no problem and doing it all day long.

The Autoshow promoters posted a setup video from 2012. Pretty cool time lapse action. From the clip you can get a notion of scale. The convention center is a pretty darn huge space and filling it with all that carpet, wiring, lighting, stage hardware and cars is a feat unto itself… and the video is just a corner out of the whole center.

I guess we’ll have to wait for next year to see this years setup video.