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A Quick Recovery in West Dade

Joined in a recovery party just the other evening with four other rigs to pull a disabled Land Cruiser out of the Everglades.  Not a runt among the pullers  and good thing because the the stuck was a massive Toyota FJ-62.  It was far back in deep mud, buried to the floor pans, abandoned the night before after the driver shattered the passenger side U-joint and axle yokes. Suffice to say that Yota was pretty darn stuck.

Looking at the ground around us (what little of the solid variety there was), I got to thinking how easy we could all wind up in the same serious trouble… or worse (yah there’s always that). Fortunately this  was experienced bunch. They settled on an effective pull plan after one or two test tugs.  They kept from tearing up the ground around them and always had a way out for all the oh-shucks situations that always arise.

Long story short, got the FJ out, dragged it back to the road and we’re all owed a beer or two.

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