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Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Available Fall of 2017

Hard to believe but it’s now ready for order with deliveries expected Q4 2017, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk joins the Hellcat pantheon of horse power deities.

Cabin 5-pass, 4-door & hatch SUV
Engine 6.2 Liter Supercharged 16-valve OHV V-8
Power Train Front-engine, AWD
8-Speed Automatic
Curb Weight 5,350 lb
Wheelbase 114.7 in
0-60 MPH a neck snapping 3.5 seconds
Price (Best guess) $84,500
Availability US Fall 2017

More information available at:

2013 Wrangler Moab Edition

Making its debut at Easter Jeep Safari in its mountainous name sake venue, Jeep’s Moab Edition blends the luxury of the Sahara Wrangler with the ruggedness of the Rubicon.

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In addition to the upgraded Sahara ride and interior, the Moab sports these added goodies


  • Premium leather
  • Distinctive stitching
  • Newly designed seats
  • Grab bars (for those “oh shoot moments”)
  • Mopar slush mats
  • Interior Moab badging

  • Custom bumper for improved approach and departure angles
  • Rock sliders (body armor)
  • Power bulge hood
  • Rear tail light guards
  • Black Mopar fuel filler door
  • Exterior Moab badging
  • 2013 Rubicon Rims in black
    Under the Hood

  • Relocated (higher) alternator, and reversed
  • Improved belt routing to avoid mud and water
  • Dana 44 with selectable rear locker

The custom bumpers not only gives the Moab a sharp integrated look and offer far better protection than the stock ones, the front is also ready to accept a standard winch. Other noteworthy items, the Moad rides on Goodyear SilentArmor 245/75R17 (31×9.6) tires. These are a little smaller than the Sahara’s 255/70R18 and Rubicon 255/75R17 meats (32×10). It’s not much difference but perhaps might give the Moab a smidge more torque.

Much of the rest of the Moab is same with Sahara, 285 HP Penta Star motor, 2.72 transfer case, Saharara drive train and standard 3.73 ring and pinion (an option on the Sahara, again a plus for torque and perhaps just where it’s needed).

Compared with the Sahara, the Moad fairs very well even in the comfort and luxury areas. Against the Rubicon, some wheelers will start picking at the differences as did staff at FourWheeler Magazine . Nonetheless they saw the Moad as a great offroad platform and in the end gave it a solid endorsement and awarded it 4×4 of the year.

Two and four door versions are available and should be hitting dealers this month.

For information, pricing and options check with Jeep
or your Local South Florida Jeep Dealer