Jeep Beach Underway

The vendors and factory exhibitors that attended the Morris 4×4 show last weekend have motored their way on up I-95 and are in Dayton for Jeep Beach. While the partying has already started, there’s still time to make the scene. Main events are scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday – Challenge Courses & Vendors Exhibits

Courses run mild to wild

Are staffed with capable people who can advise and if needed recover

and it’s always fun to see what everyone else has brung and see it in action

More photos at the Challenge Course Album

Sunday – Morning Beach Ride/Parade

For the last 8 years this has been a monster for turn out

After the morning meetup, Jeeps head down the beach single file.

The procession is miles long.

For more photos of the beach ride, check out prior years Beach Ride Albums