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Breaking Bad Waggy On the Auction Block

In the market for a full size Waggy? Here’s one that might interest you.

The red 1991 full size Jeep Wagoneer driven by Skyler White (Anna Gunn), wife to the main character Walter White is currently up for auction at ScreenBid. Bidding started just a little north of $7000.00. The vehicle has been see in numerous episodes parked in the driveway. The vehicle as noted by the auction description has the Waggy running but in need of a little TLC.

If interested… snag it before Leno finds out!

Collectors Perspective – 1991 Jeep Wagoneer
Screen Bid – Online Auction for BB ’91 Waggy

Update from Auction’s End
Lot closed – Winning bid:$11,250
(17 bids) That Waggy is gone.

Jeep Launches JXP Brand

Launched mid 2013, JXP is the is a licenced label from Jeep for outdoor gear and sports apparel and like the vehicles from which the names derives, these products are to be of superior quality and design.

Primary activity for this brand is Europe and Asia so the label may not be that common in North America yet but be on the look out for those snazzy JXP products to come.

JeepĀ® Xtreme Performance to Launch at Outdoor Retaile
Jeep Goes Xtreme With Performance Gear

Shocks, Often an After Thought of an Upgrade

Looking at some recently lifted Jeeps and getting ready for a build of my own, I came to a better understanding of how critical the role shocks play in a suspension systems. In selection we often don’t give them much thought other than do they fit.

Funny thing is short of the high end and esoteric units, they’re very cost effective and on average often run less than the lift hardware (springs, corrective brackets etc). Tuned right, shocks can give a rig that sleeper “Wow” factor of superior ride both on street and trail.

Here’s a quick primer we put together to help sort out some of the concepts and terminology.

Shock Absorbers – A Quick Primer

Maintaining Diff Oil at Correct Level is Critical

After Jeep Beach and several hard rides the Jeep Off Road Adventures build light TJ needed a little down time.

If anything this, this is a cautionary word to how critical it is to maintain proper oil levels in differentials. Before leaving on the 500 mile trip I topped off the rear diff… perhaps a bit too high. By the time I pulled into Titusville I already had gear oil pushing out of the rear vent tube and the rear pumpkin was definitely warmer than the front. So close to Daytona I pressed on.

The following day the TJ completed the extreme course, served as transportation to some of the night events and made the beach ride the next morning.

Before making the the 250+ mile return leg the diff oil was checked again. Levels looked good. About ten miles out from home the rear started to makes a whining noise. After a ride or two later and some commutes into work, in all another 500 miles the whine got pretty bad and the TJ was dropped off for servicing. Considering the original over fill, I’d have to guess the seals and bearings were stressed.

The short of all this know and maintain the correct fill level for your differentials. If you’re not sure what it should be, the current level is a good starting point. Even better, consult your owner’s service manual or have a trusted mechanic have a look.

Wicked Trails 4×4 Starts Massey Yardley Jeep Build

The build team at Wicked Trails 4×4 tucked in the new Rough Country suspension kit, wired in new Rigid LED lights and installed a sharp looking set of hood latches from Rugged Ridge. In all with 35 inch tires and 2.5 inch lift, the Massey Yardley Jeep project JK Swamp Runner will sit 4 inches higher. Remaining work includes installing tires and upgraded carrier for the larger spare.

2.5 inch lift has long been considered an ideal target by many JK owners and builders. It’s big enough to fit 35 inch tires and at the same time keeps the entire factory drive train intact. This means better warranty compliance with and greater retention of the smooth factory ride.

Test Shoot for Upcoming Build Unveiling

With a local dealer build to complete in a week or two, I thought I’d get out and scout some locations a head of the shoot. Naturally the build up vehicle will be bigger but for now the stock JK used for this test shoot should provide a pretty good idea what the location and build jeep pair up should look like.

Running a test shoot on anything that can move is a risk but I hope there will be rail cars around when the shoot is scheduled.

If anything the site looks like it offers an opportunity to show some flex.

Genesis Off Road Debuts Custom Rescue Wrangler


Making it’s first public appearance, the custom spec Genesis Off Road built First Responder Rescue JK was rolled out at the Everglades Jeep and 4×4 Friday night meet at the Tower Shops auto show in Dave. Built to traverse streets clogged with urban debris, this stout and heavily equipped jeep is to serve as rescue and survey vehicle in the aftermath of severe natural disasters.

Custom rescue JK with just some of many lights switched on.
Custom rescue JK with just some of its many lights switched on.

The vehicle is the brain child of Mark (#add:Lastname) and represents the culmination of ## years experience in designing and operating rescue and disaster survey vehicles. Past platforms included H1 Humvees and Hummers of various models and modified commercial grade pickups. The rescue JK unveiled represents the best of breed with concepts, components and build approaches pulled from all.

Ready to take on the adversities of a ravaged city.  This includes enough well placed on board lighting to perform night maintenance.Ready to take on the adversities of a ravaged city. This includes enough well placed on board lighting to perform maintenance & repairs at night if needed.

Follow us in coming weeks as we explore this amazing Wrangler in detail and look into the company that performed the build that delivered on the vision.