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Closure Bear Island Campground

Per National Park Service:

  • Big Cypress National Preserve has issued an emergency closure of Bear Island Campground to promote visitor safety during wildand fire activity. During the closure, all recreational use, including hiking, hunting, and camping will be prohibited in the designated area.
  • Closure effective immediately.

For full NPS advisory please see:
2018-03-04, Big Cypress National Preserve Issues Emergency Closure of Bear Island Campground for Wildland Fire

Maintaining Diff Oil at Correct Level is Critical

After Jeep Beach and several hard rides the Jeep Off Road Adventures build light TJ needed a little down time.

If anything this, this is a cautionary word to how critical it is to maintain proper oil levels in differentials. Before leaving on the 500 mile trip I topped off the rear diff… perhaps a bit too high. By the time I pulled into Titusville I already had gear oil pushing out of the rear vent tube and the rear pumpkin was definitely warmer than the front. So close to Daytona I pressed on.

The following day the TJ completed the extreme course, served as transportation to some of the night events and made the beach ride the next morning.

Before making the the 250+ mile return leg the diff oil was checked again. Levels looked good. About ten miles out from home the rear started to makes a whining noise. After a ride or two later and some commutes into work, in all another 500 miles the whine got pretty bad and the TJ was dropped off for servicing. Considering the original over fill, I’d have to guess the seals and bearings were stressed.

The short of all this know and maintain the correct fill level for your differentials. If you’re not sure what it should be, the current level is a good starting point. Even better, consult your owner’s service manual or have a trusted mechanic have a look.