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Chill’n @ Lucky Cole’s Outpost

Just a little ways down the east end of Loop Road, among the scattered bits of old Florida is Lucky Cole’s Outpost. Owned and operated by professional photographer “Lucky” Cole, it’s a respite from the restraints of overly civilized living. Often a destination for Harley riders, Lucky and his oasis played host to Jeeps form the Sugar Shakers Motors Club and the Greater Florida Jeep Trail Team. Ahhh… not a bad Father’s Day Weekend.

More photos at the Motive Image Album.

Get your art side up… in a Jeep

Looking for the arty-funky feel… yah it’s here… you can’t miss it

It may be super hot out but the beer’s cold, foods good and the roof sprinklers on to keep the incinerating sun from vaporizing us

Gun range? Yep – it’s a Florida thang

Soaking all the heat out before hitting the trails again.

Father’s Day Weekend Ride

Sometimes the biggest challenge in wheeling is not the terrain but just finding the time and a place close enough for everyone to get together and toss a little mud around. Happy to say this weekend was the right time and a point just off Alligator Alley was the right place.

A huge thanks to the Greater Florida Jeep Trails Team for having us in their company on this ride. Great choice in location, it had a pleasantly remote feel and was peppered with plenty of cool surprises.

More Photo’s at Motive Image Studios – Ride Album

Tap Shack – Jeep Meetup

Jeep Off Road Adventures dropped in on the Tap Shack meet up with the guys from Jeeps Gone Wild. As the lot cleared out by night’s end, some of the night owls got a little practice with wheel climbing.

An XJ (Cherokee) rests its front driver side tire on a built up TJ fitted out for rock cawling. A cool trick on its own but made a lot harder as the XJ has the smaller tires and stiffer suspension. Nicely done!

If you have a spare hour or two on a Thursday night, come on out and get an eye full of their’s and everyone else’s rigs. Stay a little late and watch it get a little edgy.

To see some of their off road exploits and find out where the next meetup is click the Jeeps Gone Wild logo below to their facebook page.