Wheel the Wall!

Not finishing the course? Ah… this one will only get a participation award. Oddly enough this does illustrates two important points in wheeling.

XJ attempts to clear US-Mexicon Fence at Imperial Dunes CA. Image released by the US Customs and Border Protection (USCBP)

1. Know your vehicles capabilities. In this case the breakover angle, a measure typically in degrees that describes the maximum angle from horizontal at front & back wheels for the rise & fall of the ground where the body or frame will still not touch the ground (AKA center over high, or high center).

For the stock XJ pictured breakover is 21.7 degrees (less if heavily loaded). For the ramp to achieve that shallow an angle, it would have to be made a lot longer. The better approach would be to lift the hell out of the Cherokee (With Jeeps, always the right answer… right?)

2. Never-Ever-Freaking-Ever Wheel Alone . Alone? Got stuck? Congratz! N’uff said.

Shown in this diagram is the breakover angle of, as well as approach and departure angles.

We all know Jeep makes some of the most capable vehicles in the world but be smart and know the capabilities before putting them to the challenge and avoid the stuck or even worst (gasp! breakage)

Just one more obstacle lending unquestionable rational for a lift, bigger tires, winch and a buddy on the trail with the same.

As reported from Business Insider