Great Balls of Fire

With a solid lot full of Jeeps, the Oar House was a buzz with activity last Wednesday night. Hollywood Jeep dropped in with their newly wrapped “pink” Wrangler to give away some nifty stuff. Red Neck Mud Mafia 4×4 came by as well and added a couple cool t-shirts from Indian Motor Cycles to the give aways.

Event organizer, Otis of Jeep Off Road Adventures raffled off goodies and discussed future events with Our House owner Debby (stay tune… as it might require some wheel time).

Spontaneous Combustion…
And just when you thought your server was just another pretty face that got you your food and an icy cold beverage in a snap, one of the waitress broke out with the fire twirling.

Note to self, leave a good tip, and never argue with a woman who can sling fire over her head.

We do it again on October 23rd…
Bring your Jeep, bring your friends, make some friends and have blast!