Non-Stop Shoot at the West Palm 4WheelParts Cover Contest

Motive Image dropped by the West Palm 4WheelParts Monster Sale last Saturday afternoon and shot for the Customer Cover Contest. The concrete and culvert crawl challenge in back of the store made for an ideal photo spot enhancing the already rugged qualities of customer rigs and made for a great contrast; immaculately clean 4x4s in a chaotic debris field.

The shoot started a little after 1:30 and with a pause for the raffle with a bunch of really cool stuff given away including gift certificates, the shoot continued to almost 4:00.

In all 15 entries were shot. Now the tough part, the team at 4WheelParts is tasked with the tough job of picking a vehicle to represent the store and go head to head to head with other 4WP locations.

Amazing vehicles such as this JKU with a flawless mat paint job took on the pile turning the lot into what looked more like a trail shoot.

Special thanks go out to the gentleman in the Silver Ford. His spotting skills got EVERYONE over the course with zero breakage. For people new to rocks he made it a great introduction and all in the spirit and tradition of wheelers helping wheelers. Awesome job!

JK “Stomper” showing so serious flex

Ready for the apocalypse… zombie or otherwise, patrolling a wasteland near you

One of two XJs than attended the shoot

For the rest of the vehicles and lots more pics check out the Customer Cover Shoot Contest Set out on the Motive Photo page.

A huge thanks to Pat, Rob, Jason and Kevin at the West Palm 4WheelParts Performance Center for hosting the event and raffles. And a big thanks to all the folks who came out especially the drivers who waited patiently through the shoot and were up to the challenge of crossing the pile.

For the vehicles that entered, feel free to email Motive at “” for a free DVD containing the entire shoot in full resolution.

Again thanks!