Mobil-1 and MS-6395

A Warranty Issue?

There has been some discussion in Jeep communities over the use of Mobil 1 and the circumstances under which it was removed from certification. Much of the discussion concerns whether the oil can be used and why the oil was removed from Chrysler’s Materials Standards 6395 (MS-6395).

One of the more asked question is does use of a non-certified oil such as Mobil-1 void the manufactures warranty? If it meets or exceeds the standard defined by MS-6395 then it shouldn’t matter, but frankly the question is somewhat pointless. Consider this, what is the likelihood Chrysler/Jeep will make the effort to determine if Mobil 1 was used in a fill. The risk of bad press alone should be a sufficient deterrent. Add the challenge of proving a highly technical matter subject to variable conditions and the fact that Mobil1 was once certified for Jeeps and was “THE” factory fill… and this whole matter begins to approach futile.

There are more serious issues than Mobil-1 vs MS-6395. For instance some service facilities have been known to perform fills with weights not recommended for the vehicle. Sometimes this is because they’ve run out or no longer stock the weight or in other cases, the shop might be down right dishonest and is filling with whatever cheap bulk oil they can get.

Why is Mobil-1 Not on MS-6395

As mentioned, Mobil-1 was included in the MS-6395 certification (as well as MS-10725 for other Chrysler vehicles) and Mobil products used in factory fills. Mobil-1 was even printed on the oil filler caps for some of Chrysler’s automobiles. As early as February 2009 Chrysler started phasing out Mobil and started using Pennzoil for factory fills. One explanation for the change, is SOPUS (Shell Oil Products US), parent of Pennzoil, was brought in with the purchase of Chrysler by Fiat. The assumption is Fiat had an established and stronger relationship with SOPUS.

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